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Syrian Dreams Project #07 - Untitled (2011)

Name: Ruham Hawash
Date: July 2011

Today, specifically, I dreamt that I was in my classes in Heba Institute. I dreamt that I am hearing a sound outside the class, saying "God is great freedom", I looked at one of my colleagues, he was smiling.
And from the window there seems to be an open tomb, waiting for the coffin. I came closer to the window and the professor is still talking, I look out of the window, on the right I found a mourning tent. The tent was shaking and the sound and the dust are coming from it. I went back to look at the open grave... and was scared and woke up.

Syrian Dreams Project #08 - Untitled (2011)

Name: Mey Seifan
Time: July 2011

I dreamt that I was riding with three girls on a motorbike, that one that is driving has a very strong personality and a leading one. And with her there is a little girl, very pretty, but she left her on the street running after the bike. And they return to meet at the traffic lights. The little girl is about five years but she is used to run after the bike and she does not see anything wrong with the issue. And she is not demanding to ride on the bike.
And I go back to talk to the woman that is driving (maybe she is the mother) and I am telling her that this should not be and it is not humane, even if the girl is used to it and has no problem... but she is a child and sure she is going to be more happy if you take her in your embrace instead of letting her run after you on the bike. The mother did not pay attention to me and remained driving, the girl is running with complete instinct.
We reached the following traffic light, I signaled to the girl so she can come to me, she was very happy and she jumped sitting in my embrace, and we felt that this is good and this is better and more comfortable... the mother disappeared.

Syrian Dreams Project #09 - Untitled (2011)

Name: Sameer Alasmar
Date: July 2011

I dreamt that everyone is looking for a girlfriend and is using the events a bit to show off his lost character, he finds his girlfriend that is waiting in the place, where he is dreaming a stable.

Syrian Dreams Project #10 - Untitled (2011)

Name: Salam Hasan
Date: July 2011

A while ago I saw in my dream that me and all my people together were walking on water, blue deep water that flooded half our houses. I saw in my dreams, that me and my people walking on water, water blue and deep that flooded half our houses.

Syrian Dreams Project #11 - Untitled (2011)

Name: Dasha Jamel
Date: July 2011

A big swimming pool. It was boiling little black things. It looked like boiling mud, and the mud jumped out of the swimming pool. I found out that the fish eating blood... They were used to remove the traces of blood.

syrian Dreams Project #12 - Untitled (2011)

Name: Mey Seyfan
Date: July 2011

I dreamt today that I am boiling black coffee in a pot, but it is transforming to orange carrot juice and its tipping over all the time and it is foaming...

syrian Dreams Project #13 - Untitled (2011)

Name: Mey Seifan
Date: August 2011

I dreamt that we all lived in water. It felt like a massive lake, or even a sea. Everything and all objects we use in our daily life were in water or on the surface. There were borders between the territories and the neighbourhoods. These borders were nets. This was the way we lived; we even changed our clothes in water. The only thing was that we could not breathe in water. We had to move up, otherwise we would sink. At nights, we floated on our backs.
I don’t know why we did not have the option of a floating mattress, or floating chairs. My god! We were so busy in that dream, and very very tired. Are not you guys feeling tired?

Syrian Dreams Project #14 - Untitled (2011)

Name: Sameer Al-Asmar
Date: August 2011

Yesterday, I dreamt that I was stripped naked, and some people used me to play baseball. I was thrown from one racket to another. Tell me what it means; tell me for god’s sake!

Syrian Dreams Project #15 - Untitled (2011)

Name: Samah Jaafar
Date: August 2011

This dream made me fall off bed.

I dream that Hamza Al-Khatib (a kid who was tortured to death by Al-Assad forces) and I were in a playground. We were in a broken Ferris wheel. My head was hitting the ground while Hamza remained up. We left it. I went with my father and my brother. They had a weird impression; it was a mix of fear and rebellion. We walked the playground. There were people praying in the playground. We continued walking. I decided to go to the toilet and left my family.

When I became alone, someone (I don’t know whether male or female) threw daggers on me, one after the other. They did not touch me. I sheltered behind a door, but this ‘someone’ broke the door’s handle. I got imprisoned in a small and dark cell that had a high ceiling. All of a sudden, the cell became full of water and I started sinking and suffocating. I tore my clothes and tried to break the door, hoping to let the water out of the room. But I could not. I swam to reach the surface and found corpses and shreds. I got scared and continued swimming. A ghost of a little girl appeared behind me. She asked me where Shadi Abu Fakher is. She repeated the question over and over. I continued swimming to find myself home. There was another girl pretending to be me. I came closer to her, and wanted to ask her why she did all that to me but I fell off bed and woke up.

Syrian Dreams Project #16 - Untitled (2011)

Name: Maya Mnaiyer
Date: August 2011

I dreamt that the Facebook gang gathered. We went to a building construction... we found a huge bulldozer... we glued notebook covers (the ones we used back in school) on the bulldozer, so the bulldozer became impenetrable. We went inside it and we walked until we reached a desert.

Syrian Dreams Project #17 - Untitled (2011)

Name: Unknown
Date: August 2011

I always have this dream. A tall president briefly announces his resignation. But he does not explain what the word resignation means.

Syrian Dreams Project #18 - Untitled (2012)

Name: Hanan Shqer
Date. March 2012

I woke up because of this horrible nightmare:

I was looking through the window, and saw a tank on each balcony. They were small tanks. I spoke to the neighbors and they started speaking to one another. But they used the tanks’ language. A voice from the sky telling me that the alphabetical letters were lost, and there was not a spoken language anymore. I ran the streets looking for the letters. I woke up and I still cannot find them.

Syrian Dreams Project #19 - Untitled (2013)

Name: Nawras Al-Sharkasi
Date: February 2013

We were about 200 people sitting in a stadium. At the end of the stadium was a platform. In the middle of the platform, stands a rostrum, where the criminal Bisho (a funny name of Bashar Al-Assad) is standing giving a speech. He was counting his achievements, and was addressing his words to one of the opposition, who was sitting with us in the stadium.
We left the stadium when he finished his speech, but the criminal Bisho walked with us. A few steps away from me, Bisho poked someone, and ordered him to kneel down. The poor man kneeled down and kissed the criminal’s boot. Bisho passed in front of me, passed me, then looked back at me and asked me my name. I told him my name. He said: ‘you kneel down for me after saying your name, you rubbish.’ I ignored him, and, in my dream, I solicit God to give me strength and to refuse kneeling down. Bisho pulled me from my shoulder and said: ‘you kneel down you rubbish.’ The moment his hand touched my shoulder, I punched him in the belly. He wobbled and moved away from me. Instantly, I saw myself on the ground getting beaten up with sticks, metal pipes, cables, riffles and whips.
From above, I saw myself dead with my head smashed on the ground. The square was empty and pictures moved back slowly, as if it was my soul floating and seeing me from above.

Me rest in peace. Amen

Syrian Dreams Project #20 - Untitled (2013)

Name: Tariq A Safieh
Date: March 2013

I was received indifferently, but hatred was dominant. i spent that long time trying to recognize who they are, but I could not tell who these people were. I cannot recall the details of the place where they arrested me. There was a forest and a cinema screen.

As a victim I stood among the executers waiting for someone… they are silent, waiting for orders regarding me. And I was silent looking for any sign to tell who they are. Then the man we were waiting for arrived. He looked like a leader. I looked a bit into his features. He looked like all pimps/leaders. I tried to quickly scan his cloth and its connotations. I remember seeing something I did not understand, but time was not on my side… I took the risk and attempted to rescue myself from a fear, I know nothing of it but a hatred face that dominates the scene.

All things I did or did not do were a waste. This occurred to me when I found that this was not an investigation, but a judgment of my entire life.

Everything now is bizarre and abnormal. Everything I see and comprehend is bizarre, even myself. What am I doing here? It looks like all prisons but people inside are totally free.

I wear a white loose cloth with dirty yellow spots on it. I stand shaken by the aggressive people around me. They too wear white loose clothes with dirty yellow spots on them. Now I recognize it. A group of aggressors and I, this is the punishment then!

They scream all the time and scatter savagely. They move as if this place is their private castle, I am still observing and thinking, and I don’t recognize my sin/felony.

I wonder what to do? What will I do? Is there a way out?

Syrian Dreams Project #21 - A huge knife (2013)

Name: Heba Al-Ansari
Date: Septembre 2013

I slit my chest from the right side, or the left side, I cannot remember. I pulled my heart among my ribs. It tasted garlic. I smashed it strongly... this is what I remember from my dream

Zerstörung für Anfänger: Bildmaterial Uraufführung

Die Uraufführung von "Zerstörung für Anfänger" fand im Dezember 2013
im i-camp statt.

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